The Albanu Foundation

Albanu is working closely with various nature reserves in Southern Africa to ensure scrupulous protection of animals.









For the last couple of decades the elephant population has seriously decreased due to loss of habitat, human conflicts and poaching in most of East African countries. Luckily enough in Southern Africa the number are rising again, creating new issues, such as overcrowding.Due to that, more human-elephant conflicts are erupting with more elephants roaming outside of the reserves and into farming land. Furthermore, the overcrowding is forcing reserve to cull when they can’t organize transfer from their reserve to another. It is on those two major issues that the Albanu Foundation will work, as well as continuing the excellent work of anti-poaching done in Southern Africa.

Created in South Africa, the Albanu Foundation purpose is to raise funds and awareness in order to protect the African Elephants. Linked to the Albanu company, The Albanu Foundation knows how important wildlife conservation is. Our goals for the future will be to be able to protect most of the endangered species in Africa.





Our Raison d'être

To preserve the life of Southern African elephants (and improve their cohabitation with humans). In the long term, the foundation's objective is to protect all endangered species in Africa.




Founded in 2020 by Margaux Claret and other founding members, its mission is to raise funds and raise public awareness in order to protect African elephants from lack of habitat, lack of water and poaching. In order to preserve them, the foundation will use various technologies such as drones and electronic chips to monitor animals and combat poaching. The foundation will also participate in the preservation of their habitat while allowing them access to water. The foundation’s various projects are made possible through non-governmental funding and partnerships with African reserves.


Our vision:
In the long term, the objective of the foundation is to protect all the threatened species of Africa and to ensure them a good cohabitation between man and wildlife.

Albanu is the first partner of The Albanu Foundation to donate 10% of the sales profit of each elephant hair bracelet to the foundation. This aid enables the foundation to implement its various projects on the ground.




Drone project



The Albanu Foundation is working on a new drone technology that will help anti-poaching units. 


The drones will help with guns and body detection, working day and night in rotation to provide a live feed of remote areas. It will be able to recognize anybody with thermographic cameras. 


Developed on stealth drones, flying higher than normal drones and without noise; they will be working with a GPS, being therefore reliable.

Using the AnyVision system, the installation will give a secure and trustworthy feedback to anti-poaching units on the ground. 













The Albanu Foundation will work on new tracking technology, such as tracking chips instead of using collars.


Once this chip installed under any animal skins, the data collected will be sent through a blockchain system, making it unhackable.


Therefore, anti-poaching units as well as research teams will be able to track and share the location of endangered species (rhinos, elephants...).





All the creations are handmade by our craftsmen in full respect of the treaties protecting the wild species.

Each elephant hair bracelet is delivered with a CITES. A portion of the money paid for the acquisition of CITES is donated to these nature reserves.


We have a traceability on all our natural materials:

- Elephant hair and giraffe hair come from 4 neighboring African countries: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana

- Horsehair comes from Mongolia

- The buffalo horn comes from Vietnam


Our artisans, our sales teams and the Albanu management are proud to share these values ​​with you, and want you to discover the collections and its unique lucky charm bracelet in elephant hair.