The Albanu Foundation

From the magic of Mother Nature to the elegance of an ethical art craft








For the last couple of decades the elephant population has seriously decreased due to loss of habitat, human conflicts and poaching in most of East African countries. Luckily enough in Southern Africa the number are rising again, creating new issues, such as overcrowding.Due to that, more human-elephant conflicts are erupting with more elephants roaming outside of the reserves and into farming land. Furthermore, the overcrowding is forcing reserve to cull when they can’t organize transfer from their reserve to another. It is on those two major issues that the Albanu Foundation will work, as well as continuing the excellent work of anti-poaching done in Southern Africa.

Created in South Africa, the Albanu Foundation purpose is to raise funds and awareness in order to protect the African Elephants. Linked to the Albanu company, The Albanu Foundation knows how important wildlife conservation is. Our goals for the future will be to be able to protect most of the endangered species in Africa.





Our Raison d'être

To preserve the life of Southern African elephants (and improve their cohabitation with humans). In the long term, the foundation's objective is to protect all endangered species in Africa.




The elegance of bracelets of a most honorable symbolism

When Margaux Claret, founder of «The Albanu Foundation», tells us about the wildlife dear to her heart, we cannot fail to be seized by her passion for the elephants of Africa that she seeks to protect at all costs. It is easy to understand why this talented young photographer did not hesitate to bring her stone to the building initiated by the jeweller René Albanu in 1928.

Composing each of his works from African elephant hairs collected by veterinarians during elephant care, the Albanu House wants to be unique. This ecological and respectful approach to animal welfare is the cornerstone of the jewel of elegance that is the range signed by this house. The «lucky bracelets», adorned with gold, steel or even diamonds, awaken the senses as well as the imagination with a sober touch.

Indeed, to the softness of the caresses that the braiding of a great finesse applies to the skin is added a strong symbolism that the house Albanu can be proud of.​


Animal Welfare and a Sustainable Approach: Albanu’s Caring Ethic

The ethic that carries the brand has made its way to the hearts of many creative enthusiasts with impeccable aesthetics, such as Alain Delon and the Prince of Monaco. Indeed, the exceptional know-how of the artisans of Albanu is at the service of the necessary preservation of endangered species.

By donating 10% of the profits from each sale to its foundation, the brand wants to build the worthy legacy that these wonderful pachyderms deserve, so that they continue to be a source of inspiration.​




New surveillance technologies


The Albanu Foundation has partnered with NGS-DRONE on a new technology that will help daily monitoring of anti-poaching units and researchers studying the behaviour of endangered species.

The GUARDIAN solution developed by NGS-DRONE makes it possible to protect endangered species via new technologies onboard drones and iots. Initially adapted specifically to elephants and rhinos, GUARDIAN is able to track their movements and coordinate actions to secure areas and guard against any threat of poaching.

This innovative GUARDIAN solution is the main device that relies on the integration of fixed or mobile interconnecting terminals, the exchange of secure information and traceability between the different IOT and DRONES devices positioned on the ground of the areas to be controlled. These GUARDIAN terminals ensure technological interoperability and coordination of prevention and intervention actions in field operations.

The federation of all the security devices of a reserve is ensured by the supervision via the control tower (local or cloud) and the positioning in strategic places of the different elements composing the GUARDIAN solution (IOT, DRONES, Response Vehicles, etc.). This approach makes it possible to optimise as much as possible the rapid controls and actions undertaken by prioritising prevention which ensures above all the protection of people and endangered species.








The Albanu Foundation, in partnership with Anyvision, provides a powerful facial recognition and body detection system coupled with fixed or embedded cameras on drones.









New tracking technologies

The tracking features associated with the GUARDIAN solution make it possible to track the movement of elephants and to be alerted in case of location in an unauthorized area.

By positioning miniaturized trackers on elephants rather than heavy and restrictive collars for the animal, drones incorporating GUARDIAN terminals will be able to immediately locate and locate elephants by flying over the affected areas.

Movements are analysed to deduce behaviours and impacts on the protection of the animal and surrounding populations. Elephants can indeed cause significant damage to crops and sometimes infrastructure if not controlled.

The positioning mode of the terminals on the drones prevents multiple fixed terminals from being installed on the ground involving prohibitive costs related to maintenance and very frequent damage in these regions of Africa. However, solarpowered autonomous stationary terminals may be positioned at specific locations to ensure a reinforced and permanent security of the area under consideration (e.g.: field of cultivation to limit the intrusion of elephants, etc.)




Anti-poaching platform


The anti-poaching features associated with the GUARDIAN solution enable us to provide, via drones, effective support to field staff during monitoring and control operations against the poaching of elephants and rhinos.


The GUARDIAN terminals positioned on the drones provide active surveillance for the entire duration of an operation to secure one or more areas of the reserve housing the rhinos and elephants to be protected.


A patrol drone provides real-time control of any events occurring on the ground in its overflight area. The AI function embedded in the GUARDIAN terminal of the drone analyzes all the events reported by the IOT, the images/videos as well as the information from other GUARDIAN terminals to determine whether there is a need to alert and interact in the face of a potential risk.

If a real threat is detected, the GUARDIAN terminal securely transmits alert codes to other nearby GUARDIAN devices. Notably a team patrolling with a pickup and having on its rear platform an interception drone. The codes are received and validated by the ground team to trigger the intercept drone response. This drone can replace the helicopter which remains very expensive and operationally heavy on this type of intervention.










The interception drone, also equipped with a GUARDIAN terminal, immediately intervenes in a straight line at the scene of the intrusion indicated by the patrol drone in order to scare away poachers and protect endangered animals. The team carried by the pickup can either stay away by checking the actual escape of the poachers, or intervene with the drones in support to neutralize the poachers.





All the creations are handmade by our craftsmen in full respect of the treaties protecting the wild species.

Each elephant hair bracelet is delivered with a CITES. A portion of the money paid for the acquisition of CITES is donated to these nature reserves.


We have a traceability on all our natural materials:

- Elephant hair and giraffe hair come from 4 neighboring African countries: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana

- Horsehair comes from Mongolia

- The buffalo horn comes from Vietnam


Our artisans, our sales teams and the Albanu management are proud to share these values ​​with you, and want you to discover the collections and its unique lucky charm bracelet in elephant hair.