Exceptional Pieces

Rare and exceptional pieces.

Discover our exceptional products, each piece has been handmade at the request of our customers. Albanu lets you discover its exceptional know-how with handmade products made in our workshop. A unique know-how since 1928, which earned Albanu to become the official supplier of the Princely family of Monaco.



Mammoth Bracelet


Each hand-braided bracelet consists of 4 strands of 25 hairs each.  Mounted on an 18-carat gold clasp, this precious ice-air jeweller exists with different variations of ivory and gold.  The 45,000-year-old hairs were carbon-14 dated by the CIRAM laboratory. 

Preparation and maintenance

This mammoth hair bracelet is handmade in our workshop in Monaco since 1928.  We called on a craftsman specialized in mammoth ivory to create this sculpture that reproduces the oldest representation of mammoth found in the Vogelherd cave.









Global warming is thawing vast territories that have been frozen for thousands of years. Mammoth carcasses are discovered every year.

It is therefore possible to discover nearby skeletons still intact hair. After months of research, we collected a few grams of hair, and among a large number of bristles of very good quality hairs kept in their entire length.




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Gondwana Diamonds Bracelet


A special order to bring us to realize this bracelet braided in elephant hair. Composed of a clasp in 18K gold (18g) and associated white diamonds and five orbets in 18K gold and diamonds. Elephant hair is synonymous of power, wisdom, luck and patience in many cultures around the world.

Preparation and maintenance

This elephant hair bracelet is handmade in our workshop in Monaco since 1928. Elephant hair requires maintenance to feed the fibers (with a natural oil) and ensures a better longevity.

 A bottle of this oil will be provided for any purchase of elephant hair bracelet.








Our commitments


Albanu reverse 10% of the profit of each elephant hair bracelet to the foundation. The ALBANU Foundation is committed to the project of a lifetime: the fight against poaching.


Albanu respecting the Washington Convention is today the only company in Europe to hold CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), allowing the marketing of elephant hair bracelets and elephant hair jewelry. 


When you purchase an Albanu bracelet, you will be provided with a CITES document to prove its traceability, durability and legality.


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Shambhala Bracelet


Bracelet in bull horn, tahiti pearl and gold 18K and black diamonds balls. The bracelet consist of 10 beads. Each engraved Tahitian Pearl is unique, its design, size and color may differ from the photos.


Know-how and maintenance

This buffalo horn bracelet is handmade in our workshop in Monaco since 1928. Buffalo horn is a natural material requiring expertise and specific know-how. This material naturally develops a unique patina revealing its subtlety and character through time. The buffalo horn is an organic material (keratin) so avoid wetting the bracelet to ensure its longevity.










Origin & animal protection

All creations are handmade by our artisans in full compliance with the treaties protecting wildlife. Buffalo horn is a natural material from domesticated Vietnamese farms and is only used after the end of the animal’s life.

This trade is governed by very strict international standards that comply with the Washington Convention regulating trade in endangered species of flora and fauna.



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Equus Bracelet


Thoroughbred Arabian horsehair bracelet, clasp in platinum (+/- 23g) and black diamonds (4.02ct). Bracelet created on special request for an Emir with the horsehair of his horse. 

Advice and maintenance

Like all natural materials, avoid wetting your horsehair bracelet, to ensure better longevity. We advise you to remove the bracelet during swimming, sports and any contact with abrasive products.






The manufacture of a horsehair bracelet requires experience acquired by Albanu since 1928. The weaving mode of this noble and natural material requires a unique know-how to design timeless collections. 

That’s why we propose to provide us with the horsehair of your horse in order to create a unique bracelet and seal an eternal union between you and your horse. 

If you would like to give us your horsehair to make a bracelet, contact us at contact@albanu.mc



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Solitary Ring


Special order, one of a kind.


Ring in white gold 18K (10g), Diamond 3,15 ct (color RW-F, clarity WS2, FVVS2). Albanu offer the possibility to create exceptionnal pieces on request.


Price of the ring : 120 000€