Inspired by a deep desire to celebrate the beauty of the world, René ALBANU knew, from the foundation of his House in 1928, to put his creativity and his savoir-faire as a jeweller at the service of an originality having only his committed love for the elephants of Africa.

Appreciated for their singular aesthetics and the deep symbolism they procur, the elephant hair bracelets have been a success since then, just like the approach of the Albanu House: relevant, perennial and enlightened.

It is indeed as trend creators that the Albanu workshops have been able to position themselves until today, meeting the needs of feminine and masculine sensitivities in search of a sublimation of their adornment by an excellent jewelry, recognizable among all.



It is in the heart of the Masai tribe, on African soil, that the wonderful Albanu adventure begins, when the founder of the House is offered an elephant hair bracelet that will seal a deep and lasting friendship.

Overwhelmed by this journey, the young jeweller will from then on show an unfailing determination to explore in his workshop, with all the creativity and rigour that he is capable of, this inspiring material with the strong symbolism that he wants to share.

This is how the "lucky bracelet" was born, signed by the Maison, a true ode to beauty, friendship and love, inspiring those who discover the creations of the Albanu workshops.



"Quality, know-how, devotion and respect": this is the maxim, unchanging motto, that the experienced craftsmen of the workshops of the Albanu House do not cease to observe scrupulously with each weaving, molding, assembly that demands the world of an exceptional composition.

It is because "signed Albanu" is above all a formula full of meaning, an inalienable guarantee of a jewel with incompressible requirements, that this approach to excellence is the norm in the House’s workshops.

However, it is also because each of the craftsmen who work there is driven by a desire similar to that of René Albanu, founder with a cultural heritage impossible to ignore, that these four principles are always respected.

Indeed, daily design tasks carried out in its workshops in Monaco, where each piece of jewellery signed by Albanu is made by hand, to the maintenance of relations with the House’s business partners, These four pillars have led some high-level institutions to place their trust in it.

It is this enduring excellence that has led S.A.S. "Le Prince de Monaco" to make Albanu one of its few patented suppliers.

Our expertise


The originality that is adorned with elegance: this aspiration initiated by René ALBANU nearly a hundred years ago, a true trademark of the House, is an approach that the latter has never separated. Strengthened by this heritage, the combined expertise of employees who, day after day, compose exceptional jewels in the Maison’s workshops, give life to the most exhilarating marriages.

Steel, gold, diamonds, natural stones, Tahitian pearls, elephant hair, giraffe hair, horse hair, buffalo horn and leather engage in a creative dance whose aesthetic of each composition has no limit but those of elegance.

This is why the workshops of Albanu House offer you the opportunity to call on their know-how to make a piece in the image of your sensitivity and their expertise: unique.

Concerned about animal welfare, the Albanu House also sets itself, for each of its creations, an ethics that is close to its heart, respecting without compromise the treaties protecting wildlife (CITES standardized by the Washington Convention).

Finally, just as concerned about the development of sensitivities in search of unparalleled beauty, the House remains attentive to any request you may make regarding the composition of your unique piece.

Our team remains at your disposal for any request.