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Maison Albanu: when the automobile rhymes with elegance
Elephant hair collected naturally: a meaningful initiative

At the heart of an animist mythology and a culture with ethnic specificities, the main ingredient of the art crafts that the Albanu House is at the origin carries multiple meanings. This ingredient, magical for some and symbolic for others, is elephant hair, collected naturally on the sacred ground trodden by these majestic pachyderms of Africa.This non-violent approach is representative of the brand’s deep respect for flora and fauna, whose beauty it tries to celebrate through its unique bracelets designed by hand thanks to its savoir-make it irreproachable and ensure sustainability by giving birth to a foundation, collecting 10% of sales profits, to extend its ecological preservation initiative.


This benevolent project originally received the support of Michael Schumacher, whose partnership offered this effort to preserve elephants a significant breath of life. The licence resulting from this collaborative approach has made it possible to bring to life an object of art: a bracelet stamped Schumacher.


A resolution of the same nature now allows the Albanu House to give birth to a new bracelet in the colours of the Monaco Grand Prix flag. Its elegant checkerboard celebrates the fame of this dedicated event and the honorable mention Grand Prix is engraved on a clasp whose charm has nothing in common.
Exceptional know-how to live up to the ecological commitment that accompanies it.


These famous products respect to the letter the treaties of protection of the wild species standardized by the Washington Convention to allow the many attributes characterizing them to be summarized by the maxim:
Quality, Seriousness, Know-how and Respect.


These four pillars are precisely the reasons that lead personalities such as Alain Delon or the Prince of Monaco himself to wear with joy these lucky bracelets that the founder of the House, René ALBANU, began to design in 1928 in Monaco.

In almost 100 years of history, the brand has been able to renew itself through breathtaking ballets of noble materials combining gold, steel, diamond, elephant hair, giraffe or horsehair, all remaining faithful to its values.


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