Albanu’s Engagement: Protection and Traceability through the Albanu Wildlife Foundation

Since its inception in 1928, Albanu has embodied excellence and innovation in the world of jewelry. In 2020, the company took another step forward by founding the Albanu Wildlife Foundation, a visionary commitment to protecting elephants and rhinos in southern Africa. Albanu is firmly committed to safeguarding these species threatened by poaching and the destruction of their natural habitat.

Protection of Threatened Species

Through the Albanu Wildlife Foundation, Albanu engage in concrete and effective actions for wildlife conservation. To finance these initiatives, Albanu donates 10 to 50% of the sales of some of its bracelets, allowing its customers to contribute directly to the protection and survival of elephants and rhinos. This commitment is reflected in anti-poaching programmes, habitat restoration projects and educational initiatives to raise awareness among local communities about biodiversity conservation.

Traceability of Products and Origin of Materials

Albanu also engage to ensuring the traceability of its products by ensuring an ethical and responsible origin of the materials used. Every material – whether elephant hair, giraffe hair, buffalo horn, horsehair, apple leather, mammoth hair or Tahitian pearl – is selected with the utmost care, respecting sustainability and conservation standards. This traceability not only ensures the authenticity and quality of the jewellery, but also ensures that its manufacture contributes to environmentally and animal-friendly practices.

An Ethical and Responsible Approach

By choosing Albanu creations, you not only support exceptional craftsmanship, but also participate in an ethical and responsible approach. Albanu strives to combine beauty, innovation and respect for nature, actively involved in the protection of wildlife and ensuring full transparency on the origin of its raw materials.

Discover the world of Albanu and join us in this adventure dedicated to the preservation and conservation of our planet’s natural treasures. Together, let’s make a difference for future generations.

Albanu Wildlife Foundation / Engagement