Tahiti Pearl Bracelet

Pearl bracelets fuse the natural elegance of raw materials with the precious brilliance of gems, which embody organic beauty and sophistication. Each piece of the Shanga collection is an expression of style that harmoniously combines the strength of the marine cord with the warmth of buffalo pearls or Tahitian pearls, embellished with gold or diamond beads.

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Shanga Collection

Tahiti Pearls

Explore the bracelets category of the Shanga Collection, where the splendor of Tahitian pearls merges with the contemporary aesthetic of the Shamballa bracelet. Each piece embodies the unique alliance between traditional craftsmanship and modern luxury, offering an exquisite sensory experience to those who wear them.

The pearls of Tahiti, jewels of the Pacific Ocean, are the essence of elegance and exclusivity. Carefully selected for their captivating colour and deep lustre, these pearls captivate the imagination and embody natural beauty at its peak. Each pearl tells a story, a journey through the crystal clear and mysterious waters of Polynesia.

The Shamballa bracelet, with its distinctive design features, adds a contemporary touch to this timeless heritage. Combining Tahitian pearls with adjustable cords, this bracelet offers a perfect balance between elegance and relaxation, adapting to all styles and occasions.

Each bracelet in the Shanga Collection captures the spirit of adventure and exoticism, inviting you to explore distant horizons while remaining rooted in sophistication. Wear these bracelets with pride and let their natural magnetism evoke the magic of distant islands and the timeless elegance of Tahitian pearls.