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Albanu: The Artisan of Handmade Exceptional Jewelry Since 1928

For nearly a century, Albanu has been recognized in the jewelry world for its unparalleled expertise in handmade jewelry. Founded in 1928, our house is committed to creating unique pieces that reflect the individuality and personal style of our customers. Among the many creations that come out of our workshop, custom bracelets occupy a special place in our heart, because they embody the ultimate expression of jewelry art.


Our custom wristbands are more than just a fashion accessory. They are personal works of art, designed to tell your story and capture the precious moments of your life. When you choose Albanu to create a bespoke bracelet, you enter a world where every detail is carefully considered, and every aspect of your jewelry dream is taken into account.


The creative process begins with a conversation with you, our valued customer. Your inspiration, your ideas, your emotions, everything is taken into account to design a bracelet that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Our jewellers work closely with you to understand your preferences, size, shape, color and material requirements. They will guide you through the wide range of possibilities, from precious metals like gold and platinum to precious and semi-precious stones, to create a piece that will truly be yours.


Each step of the process is done by hand, with meticulous attention to detail. Each setting, each polishing, each adjustment is performed with unparalleled skill. The end result is more than just a bracelet; it’s a masterpiece that reflects your personal taste and unique story. Albanu’s custom bracelets are designed to be worn and cherished throughout your life.


Since 1928, Albanu has had the privilege of collaborating with customers around the world to bring their jewelry dreams to life. We are honoured to continue this legacy of art and creativity, offering bespoke bracelets that are more than just jewelry, they are unique expressions of yourself. Join us on this adventure where the refinement of craftsmanship blends with the magic of emotions to create bracelets that captivate the soul.



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A collection of rare and exceptional jewelry.

Discover our exceptional products, each piece has been custom-made at the request of our customers. Albanu makes you discover its exceptional know-how with handmade products made in our workshop since 1928, which earned the house to become the patented supplier of S.A.S. the Prince of Monaco.

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