Unique know-how

Discover the know-how of Albanu

“Quality, know-how, devotion and respect” are our inalterable credo at Albanu, a philosophy rigorously applied by our craftsmen at every stage of their creations.

Being “signed Albanu” means much more than putting our name on a work: it is the commitment to meet excellence, promise of quality, authenticity, symbolism.

This quest for perfection reflects not only our respect for our founder René Albanu, but also our devotion to perpetuating his cultural heritage.

At Albanu, our workshops are the scene of a know-how where each jewel, shaped by hand, testifies to our passion for crafts. Our commitment builds trust with our partners and has earned us the honor of being chosen as patented suppliers by prestigious institutions, such as His Serene Highness “The Prince of Monaco”.

This constant excellence, which has guided us since 1928, is the fruit of our collective union around the values we cherish, ensuring that each Albanu creation is a tribute to biodiversity, celebrated with humility and respect.

Savoir-Faire Albanu / Discover the know-how of Albanu
Exclusive jewellery
Savoir-Faire Albanu / Discover the know-how of Albanu

“Originality adorned with elegance”: this aspiration, inaugurated by René ALBANU nearly a century ago, remains the true trademark of the House, an approach to which it has remained faithful throughout its journey. With this heritage, the combined expertise of the employees, who shape exceptional jewellery daily in the House’s Monegasque workshops, gives rise to creations that combine different materials with exaltation.


Steel, gold, diamond, elephant hair, giraffe hair, horsehair, buffalo horn, tahitian pearls, and mammoth hair engage in a creative dance where the aesthetics of each composition knows no limits other than those of elegance. That is why the workshops of the Maison Albanu offer you the opportunity to benefit from their know-how to create a unique piece, in the image of your sensitivity and their expertise.


Concerned about animal welfare, Maison Albanu also undertakes, for each of its creations, to respect an ethics that is particularly close to its heart, by rigorously observing the treaties for the protection of wildlife (CITES standardized by the Washington Convention), without any compromise.