Apple Leather Bracelet

By choosing to work with apple leather in tandem with materials such as gold and steel, the workshops of the Maison Albanu demonstrate their ability to bring into the world parts that respect the expectations of their customers, principles of well-being,be animal but also meet an irrepressible need for creative expression.

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Equus Collection

Apple Leather

Corium Collection’s apple leather straps embody the very essence of ecological and responsible elegance. Aware of the importance of preserving our planet, Maison Albanu is committed to creating exceptional jewelry that respects the environment.

Apple leather, an innovative and eco-responsible material, is the canvas on which Albanu’s craftsmanship is expressed. This bold choice reflects the House’s desire to push the boundaries of creativity while taking a sustainable approach.

The bracelets, with their refined aesthetics, are adorned with a steel clasp, giving a modern and robust touch to these unique pieces. Some models even feature a golden steel finish, adding an extra touch of elegance.

Beyond their aesthetic appearance, these bracelets embody a commitment to sustainability. They are the testimony of an ethical approach, where luxury blends harmoniously with environmental responsibility. By opting for an Albanu apple leather bracelet, you affirm your style with conviction while contributing to a more respectful future of our precious planet.