Ethical creations

The origin of the raw materials

Crafts sometimes combine unbridled creativity with technical prowess celebrating human know-how. This is what happens when the hands of the craftsmen of the Maison Albanu are busy around the elephant hairs delicately harvested from the ground in order to respect an original work ethic combining non-violent approach and authentic tribute to this animal totem pole.

With its own CITES, each creation from the Albanu workshops is guaranteed its origin and the strictest compliance with the Washington Convention on trade in protected species.

The bracelets signed Albanu are accompanied by a guarantee of origin on each of the natural materials used in their confections, that is to say:

  • The hair of elephant and giraffe come from 4 African countries (South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana)
  • The horsehair from Mongolia
  • Buffalo horn from Vietnamese breeding


From the sales team to the management of Albanu, all the employees of the House join its craftsmen to express a common pride, born from a base of values that crown a unique aesthetic: those of the timeless lucky bracelets in elephant hair.

origin / provenance
provenance / origin
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