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Bracelets respecting and protecting the animal world


By creating each of his works from African elephant hair or giraffes ethically collected by veterinarians during animal care, Maison Albanu stands out for its unparalleled commitment to the environment and animal welfare. This respectful approach to nature forms the basis of the range of elegant jewelry that this house offers.


The “lucky bracelets,” adorned with gold and even diamonds, awaken the senses and stimulate the imagination with their refined and sophisticated aesthetics. The exceptional expertise of Albanu’s craftsmen is fully in line with the crucial mission of preserving endangered species. By donating 10% of the profits of the Savane collection to The Albanu Foundation, Albanu is committed to creating a legacy worthy of these majestic pachyderms, ensuring that they continue to inspire future generations.


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From the magic of Mother Nature to the elegance of ethical craftsmanship

Albanu Wildlife Foundation

The Albanu Wildlife Foundation was created to contribute to a harmony between man and animal. Established in South Africa, our organization is the crystallization of a love full of admiration accompanied by a deep respect for this descendant of the mammoth and its fragile ecosystem. The double wish, formulated by its founders and the heirs that are today its active members, is in the image of the fight led for these creatures: pragmatic and ideological.


Pragmatic first of all because it is a question of sensitizing local and foreign populations to the problems that the disappearance of the elephant would pose in terms of natural balance, but also to raise the necessary funds to ward off the spectre of such a situation.  Ideological then since it is all the poetry of a single species and the symbolism that attaches to it in a multitude of cultures that it is essential to protect.

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“The originality that adorns itself with elegance” is the aspiration that guides each of our collections at Albanu, a tradition established by René ALBANU almost one hundred years ago. Each collection we create embodies a unique universe, where originality meets elegance to give birth to exceptional jewelry. It is this heritage that makes Maison Albanu a timeless trademark, where innovation and refinement come together to offer unique and memorable creations.

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The Albanu workshop

Handmade bracelets by our craftsmen


Guided by a deep aspiration to celebrate the splendor of the world, René Albanu has illuminated his creativity and jeweler’s know-how since the creation of his House in 1928, dedicating his talent to an originality as exceptional as his passionate commitment to the elephants of Africa.


Appreciated both for their distinctive aesthetic and for the deep symbolism they convey, the bracelets made from elephant hair have been a resounding success, perfectly reflecting the relevant approach, sustainable and well-lit Maison Albanu.


As trendsetters, Albanu’s workshops have maintained this reputation over the decades, responding to the aspirations of men and women seeking to sublimate their adornment through exceptional jewelry. Instantly recognizable by its excellence, Albanu jewelry continues to captivate and inspire, offering an unparalleled experience to those seeking the perfect union between art and symbolism in every piece of jewelry.

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