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Monaco 1928


Welcome to the timeless world of Maison Albanu, a name synonymous with excellence and exceptional craftsmanship since 1928. Nestled in the beautiful principality of Monaco, this renowned house is renowned for its creations of handmade bracelets, pieces that combine tradition, know-how and sophistication.

Each bracelet and accessory from Maison Albanu is a work of art in itself, designed with noble and rare materials, offering a touch of elegance unmatched by the wearer. Among the materials used are elephant hair, giraffe hair, buffalo horn, mammoth hair, horse hair, and many others. Each element is selected with the utmost care, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and exclusivity.

Beyond their aesthetic beauty, the bracelets of Maison Albanu are also symbols of sustainability and respect for the environment. Each piece is made with a particular concern for the ethics and conservation of species, thus helping to preserve nature and its treasures for future generations.

Wearing a Maison Albanu bracelet is more than just wearing a fashion accessory. It is a story, a centuries-old heritage of excellence and passion for exceptional craftsmanship. It affirms its style with elegance and distinction, while celebrating the beauty and diversity of our world.

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