First protected rhino!


The Albanu Wildlife Foundation is proud to share the success of marking our first rhino with an ankle tracker, a significant step forward in our efforts to conserve endangered species. This event marks a turning point in our mission to protect wildlife.


Using the ankle tracker allows real-time data to be collected on the rhino’s movements. This information is crucial for understanding the animal’s habits, habitat use and interactions with the environment. By analyzing this data, we can develop more effective and responsive conservation strategies, ensuring the protection of this endangered species.


Our team, made up of dedicated professionals and passionate about wildlife conservation, worked tirelessly to ensure that the tagging process was carried out in the best possible conditions. We have taken all necessary precautions to minimize the stress of the animal and ensure its safety and well-being. This respectful and responsible approach demonstrates our deep commitment to protecting wild animals.

rhinocéros rhino

The success of this operation would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of our partners and supporters. Their contribution has been essential to achieving this goal, and we are deeply grateful to them. We would also like to thank the experts and technicians who brought their know-how and experience to carry out this delicate mission.


The implementation of this ankle tracker is a key step in our conservation program. It allows us to closely monitor the movements of the rhino, identify areas at risk and put in place appropriate protection measures. With this data, we can better understand the needs of the species and the challenges it faces, which helps us make informed decisions for its conservation.


We also recognize the importance of raising public awareness of wildlife conservation. By sharing the results of our work and informing on the actions taken, we hope to mobilize more people in favor of the protection of endangered species. Every action counts, and everyone’s participation is essential to ensuring a sustainable future for our wildlife.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there. We continue to explore new technologies and develop innovative methods to improve our conservation efforts. Research and innovation are at the heart of our strategy, as they allow us to proactively respond to the challenges of wildlife protection. We remain committed to using best practices and collaborating with experts around the world to achieve our goals.


The Albanu Wildlife Foundation strives to create a world where endangered species can thrive safely. We firmly believe that wildlife conservation is a collective responsibility and that each of us can play a role in this noble mission. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that future generations can also enjoy the beauty and diversity of wildlife.


We invite everyone who shares our vision to join us in this adventure. Whether through donations, volunteering or awareness raising, every action counts and contributes to the preservation of our natural heritage. We are convinced that, through concerted efforts, we can overcome the challenges and ensure a better future for endangered species.

rhinocéros rhino

In conclusion, successfully tagging our first rhino with an ankle tracker is a major achievement for the Albanu Wildlife Foundation. This is an important step that reinforces our commitment to wildlife conservation and motivates us to continue our work with even more determination and passion. We thank all those who contributed to this success and look forward to continuing this vital mission to protect species at risk.