The Mammoth Collection

A Journey into the Evocative Past


The Mammoth Collection is a celebration of our planet’s millennial heritage, turning exceptional materials into jewelry and accessories of timeless beauty. Designed with 40,000 years of carbon-14 certified mammoth hair and ivory, our creations offer a unique experience that combines history, elegance and durability.


The mammoth hair we use in this collection is ethically extracted from mammoth carcasses preserved in the northern and frozen regions of the Earth. It is a material that does not harm wildlife or nature, offering an exceptional way to preserve and celebrate the prehistoric heritage of our planet.


Mammoth ivory is also a precious and rare material. Each of our pieces is created from mammoth ivory authenticated by carbon 14 testing, ensuring that these materials have a 40,000-year history. The ancient character of mammoth ivory adds a historical and spiritual dimension to each piece, making it a prehistoric legacy that you can wear elegantly.


Every bracelet and accessory in the Mammoth Collection is a work of art that transcends time. The materials chosen for this collection embody the resilience and beauty of nature, recalling the immensity of Earth’s history. The warm tones and organic patterns of the raw materials create pieces that evoke a distant era while being perfectly adapted to contemporary fashion.


When you choose a jewel from the Mammoth Collection, you invest in history and sustainability, while wearing a prehistoric heritage of eternal elegance. These pieces are more than mere accessories; they are bridges between the past and the present, between nature and fashion, and between history and the future.


Join us as we explore this unique collection, where the remains of time immemorial come to life in the form of timeless jewelry and accessories. Albanu’s Mammoth Collection embodies the beauty of our planet, the longevity of its history and the splendour of human creation.