The Savannah Collection

Ethical Elegance, Inspired by Nature


The Savane Collection is a celebration of the majesty of nature, designed in a perfectly environmentally friendly manner, in strict accordance with the Washington Convention. Our bracelets and accessories are made from rare and exotic materials such as elephant hair, giraffe hair and buffalo horn, all carefully collected with the utmost respect for the species and their habitat.


Each piece of the Savane Collection is the result of a responsible approach, aimed at protecting these magnificent animals and supporting local communities that share their environment. Our commitment to sustainability and ethics is reflected in every detail of our creative process.


The elephant hair we use comes from legal and sustainable sources. Giraffe hair is collected non-invasively, preserving the beauty of these iconic beings. The buffalo horn is harvested to help preserve these majestic creatures.


Each bracelet and accessory in our Savane Collection is a unique work of art, meticulously designed to capture the essence of the African savannah. The textures, colours and patterns of these natural materials blend harmoniously to create pieces that evoke the majesty of African wildlife while respecting the fragile balance of its biodiversity.


By choosing a bracelet or accessory from the Savane Collection, you not only support an ethical approach to fashion, but you also become an ambassador for wildlife conservation and environmental preservation. Albanu donates 10% of its profits to The Albanu Foundation, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection of African elephants, rhinos and the entire African bush.


Join us in this adventure where elegance and moral values come together to create unique and precious pieces, inspired by the African savannah. Our Savannah Collection invites you to wear a piece of jewelry that embodies the beauty of nature, while contributing to its preservation.