The Shanga Collection
Natural Elegance, Precious Shine


Our Shanga Collection is the union of the simplicity of natural materials reinforced by the brilliance of precious stones. Our “Shamballa” bracelets celebrate both raw beauty and elegance. Each represents a unique blend, combining the strength of the marine cord with the warm shades of buffalo or Tahiti pearls, enhanced by touches of gold or diamond.


The buffalo beads, collected in the heart of Asia, enrich our collection with their intense and shiny black. They blend naturally with the marine cord that evokes artisanal traditions. Tahitian Pearls, treasures of the Pacific, bring to our collection mystery and captivating colors, our touch of exoticism. Their combination with the marine cord creates a casual style, suitable for any occasion.


Each creation in our Shanga Collection is an invitation to celebrate nature and its authenticity, a harmonious blend of elements evoking the earth, sea and sky.


Discover our unique collection: Shanga!