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Albanu Monaco 1928


Since its creation in 1928, Albanu has established itself as an essential reference in the world of jewelry, specializing in the creation of exceptional bracelets. Our unique know-how allows us to offer you bracelets tailor made from the horsehair of your own horse, a personal and intimate touch that makes each of our creations a unique work of art.


At Albanu, we understand the importance of details; that’s why we also offer you to customize the clasp of your bracelet by putting an engraving that represents you. This customization makes your jewel not only a distinctive fashion accessory but also a true symbol of the union between you and your steed.


Discover the timeless elegance and deep meaning that an Albanu bracelet brings to your wrist.

sur mesure / tailor made
Bracelets & Accessories

Providing the horsehair

Albanu Monaco 1928


True to our commitment to animal welfare, we place every creation in a rigorous ethic. In this same quest for sensitivity and respect, we remain attentive to your needs and desires, wishing to answer all your requests concerning the composition of your unique piece. Your satisfaction and respect for your values are at the heart of our creative approach.


To ensure that the bracelets are perfectly adapted to your expectations, we invite you to provide the horsehair, a length of 50 to 90 cm for a diameter of 2 to 3 cm. This personalized approach will create unique and authentic pieces, reflecting your style and beliefs.


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